Kinsey Cole's Portfolio

Creative Writing

From short stories to poetry, creative writing is a big passion of mine. My desire to start writing stems from my childhood obsession with reading. I would consume thousands of pages of books because it was my favorite pass time. My enjoyment of writing my own short stories developed over time and I became more interested in poetry as well. My favorite class in school was always art or english because we would learn about literature and different writing techniques. I absolutely loved being creative and still do to this day.

Now my writing goes primarily into the blog I run, Dive into Mental Health. This site is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety through my own personal experiences. I write advice posts as well as poetry about eating disorders and short stories that explain what its like to deal with mental disorders. I enjoy channeling my writing into this medium because I can use my skills to hopefully reach out to others who need support with their issues. I spent most of my time writing on my blog when I was a part of a Texas State club called Blog Club.

Blog Club was a great resource for writing because I was surrounded by creative people and I had a place to learn more about how to grow my audience. I learned so much about communication and leadership because I worked my way up to becoming the president of this organization. I left it this year to have more time for my own blog, but I learned so much and loved teaching others how to write. The ability to write well is such an important skill to have. I will always appreciate the time I spent as a child reading and writing so I could be at the point I am now.

Writing Examples: