Kinsey Cole's Portfolio


Growing up, I always introduced myself as a creatively driven person, and I still believe it describes me well today. Through trial and error I’ve learned so much about myself and what I am capable of artistically. I never like to stick with just one medium, although I have my favorites such as acrylic painting and ink drawings. I have always prided myself in having the confidence to try new visual art forms. I try so many forms such as glass painting, wood burning, sculpting, and mixed media. These are all in the works and I am still increasing my skills.

I am so passionate about art that I opened my own commission business in 2019. It is called Artish because Art is my “ish.” I started this brand on instagram as a way to show off my own art and take in commission requests. The drawings above of the girls in pen are a couple of commissions I have done. I have recently decided to cut down on commission orders so I can focus more on my own art style. I want to have more time to practice my painting skills and hone a specific style.

I gave my art style the name of “cartoon realism.” My favorite image to paint or draw is women and facial features, but I don’t go completely into realism or cartoon. I love to explore the depths of color as well and have migrated further away from black and white pen drawings to colorful paintings. My main focus is deep blues that contrast with gold or highlights of white.

I also play around with digital editing. I like to create logos and make little artsy videos. I am still very rough at video editing, but it is fun to do in my free time. I know I will get better as time goes on. My favorite kind of edits are little aesthetic short videos pieced together with music. I provided an example of one of my choppy edits below. I hope that in the future I will get better and I can edit videos for social media content.

Visual art will always be an integral part of my life because the creativity I gain from it spills into other parts of my life. I believe it improves my problem solving skills and ability to see life from different perspectives, which is important for personal growth in all aspects. Art is a large part of who I am as a person because of this.