My name is Kinsey Cole and I am a senior student at Texas State University studying Digital Media Innovation. I began school in 2014 and had some bumps in the road, but I’ve learned so much from the journey. I went to a university in Colorado called Western State Colorado University in the mountains. I enjoyed the scenery and the small town feel, but felt that Texas would be the right place for me once my parents moved to Austin. In 2016 I moved to the Austin area then ended up at Texas State after falling in love with the campus and positive energy.

I am already working my dream career as a social media consultant forĀ True Blue, my Dad’s granite company. I regulate the company’s social platforms and curate content. I hope to expand this job in the future and work for other companies as well. I am fascinated with the way social media works and how people perceive it. I am working on building my own personal brand through social media. My favorite app is Instagram because it is easy to use and can reach a large audience quickly. I enjoy doing photoshoots with photographers and pushing my content to be the best quality it can be.

A couple of extra things I do on the side of school is running my own mental health blog and my own art business. My blog is called Dive into Mental Health and it encompasses tools and advice on dealing with depression, anxiety, and trauma. I want to advocate for others because I’ve been through many tough times and I want anyone else going through something hard to have a safe place to relax. My art business is called Artish and it is commission based. I also create one of a kind paintings and drawings. A goal of mine this year is to join the San Marcos Art League so I can sell my art at local festivals. If you would like to contact me, reach me by email at kinseyccole@gmail.com.